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Mistletoe Social Media Fundraiser

Social Media Fundraiser
Earn 20% Commissions

social media mistletoe fundraiser icons

Get a unique promo code for your organization (e.g. GOWILDCATS)

Share it via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, email, etc.

Earn a 20% commission on all sales* using your promo code.

Get a promo code today!
Here's how it works:
  • Get signed up by contacting mistletoe.com!

  • Mistletoe.com will issue you a unique promo code for your organization (for example, GOTROOP1234).

  • Share that promo code via email, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.*

  • You earn 20% commissions on all purchases using that code.*

It's that simple! And here's a great tip:
Magnify the power of your social media fundraiser by encouraging all of your members, friends, and followers to share your promo code with their friends and followers. For example, if you have 300 friends or followers and only send it to them, you've only reached 300 people. BUT if you can tap into thier friends your numbers skyrocket, even if you just reach 10% of them:

Your Followers: 300

Your Followers' Followers: 300 x 300 = 90,000

10% of 90,000: 9,000

Assumption: Everyone has 300 friends/followers... ok, not everyone does, but on average it's about right.
*Special Restrictions

Not valid with any other offers. Not valid on products where volume discounts are already applied. Promo codes do not apply to shipping charges. Mistletoe.com will payout commissions at the end of the season. Must have at least 5 unique orders placed to qualify (unique email, shipping addresses, etc.)

Paid internet advertising is not permitted. Promo codes or mistletoe fundraisers using mistletoe.com promo codes found to be promoted via search engine ads, or other forms of paid internet advertising will not be honored and promo codes will be disabled.

Mistletoe.com reserves the right to cap any promo code in order to preserve our ability to fulfil orders.

Additional information may be required in order to pay your commission. For example, we may need your organization's tax identification number or charter number.

Other Mistletoe Fundraiser Options


Resell Fully-Packaged
Mistletoe Sprigs

bulk mistletoe bags
Order fully-packaged, ready-to-sell bulk mistletoe sprigs

Sell your mistletoe via events, pre-orders, door-to-door, etc.

Earn profits on sales (amount depends on the price you set)

Get Started Here!

Resell Mistletoe
Fundraiser Kit

bulk mistletoe kit
Order the mistletoe fundraiser kit with ribbon and bags

Assemble by attaching ribbon and placing in the bags

Sell and earn profits (amount depends on the price you set)

Get Started Here!

Bulk Mistletoe

bulk mistletoe for fundraisers
Order bulk mistletoe boxes
(available in small and large)

Design and make your products
any way you like them

Sell and earn profits (amount depends on sizes & price you set)

Get Started Here!

Fundraiser Option
Upfront Costs
Profit Margin

Social Media
Super Easy
(Just share & promote)
No Cost
No Risk
Best: 100%
(on $0 Invested)

(just sell)
Buy Sprigs Upfront
Inventory Risk
(too much/too little)
(you set pricing)

Fundraiser Kit
(assemble, sell)
Buy Boxes Upfront
Inventory Risk
(too much/too little)
(you set pricing)

Bulk Boxes
(design, assemble, sell)
Buy Boxes Upfront
Inventory Risk
(too much/too little)
Even Better
(you set pricing)

Mistletoe Fundraisers

Mistletoe is a perfect fundraiser for schools, scouts, youth groups or other organizations, and we'd like to help you succeed. Fundraisers are all about getting you the funding your need, so your organization can thrive. You can decide how much you'd like to make, but to do so, you'll need to plan carefully and make a few key decisions:
  1. How much work does my organization want to put into it?
  2. What price should we sell the mistletoe for?
  3. How much mistletoe do we need?
  4. When should we have it sent to us?
The better you can answer those questions, the more profits you can make. We've included some suggestions on each of those questions below. If you have a custom fundraising need, just let us know, we'll see what we can do.

1. How much work does my organization want to put into a mistletoe fundraiser?

This can be a critical question. Consider those in your organization that have committed to helping you, their capabilities, and others you might recruit to help. Can they help you, and will they want to help? At the same time, consider the pricing of our three fundraising options. As your work increases, you lower your initial financial investment and increase your profit potential.

2. What price should we sell the mistletoe for?

Almost anyone would buy mistletoe for a couple of bucks, but what about $5 or $6? What about $10? As you decide how much to charge for your mistletoe, consider who will be selling the product and to whom it will be sold. For example, if 8 year old children are selling it, you can probably get away with pricing it a little higher than if college students are selling it. Or, if you're selling in affluent areas, you may be able to sell it for more than if you sell in a lower income area.

Often the purpose of your fundraising can help determine what people are willing to pay. A fundraiser to go on a sledding trip may not be very compelling even if the seller is an adorable 9 year old cub scout. On the flip side, a fundraiser to send a group to Washington D.C. for an educational experience or to fund local community projects could persuade donors to pay more. Always be up-front and honest about what you're trying to fund.

3. How much mistletoe do we need?

You don't want to run out of product when you could have sold a lot more, but you also don't want to have a bunch of product left unsold. Both will cut into your profit potential. Here are some questions to consider while determining how much you need: How long will your fundraising event be (one day, or 3 weeks)? How many people are participating? How many donors are targeted? How sucessful have past fundraisers been? What's your pricing stategy (higher prices typically sell fewer pieces and lower prices more pieces)? How much can your organization afford to buy up front? What risk are you willing to take (are you willing to be stuck with half of it leftover so you can have the chance to sell twice as much)?

How much product you buy can make or break your fundraiser. If you don't buy enough, you won't make much, but you'll probably sell it all. If you buy too much, you end up having paid for stuff that you didn't sell. Since mistletoe is perishable, it can't be returned, so plan well.

4. When should we have the mistletoe sent to us?

Fresh product looks better and sells better. Typically you need to sell your mistletoe quickly after receiving it. Once placed in the baggie, you can really only count on a few selling days. (See our FAQ section on mistletoe freshness.) Plan on your having your product arrive within a couple of days of your fundraising event, allowing an extra day or two for unexpected postal delays. If you need mistletoe over an extended period of time, we can work out an arrangement for staggered shipments of fresh mistletoe.

If you choose the other options where you assemble the product, be sure you have it in plenty of time to do the assembly. It takes time; sometimes lots of time.

No matter what option you choose, keep your mistletoe in a cool, dry location for best results.

Hopefully that was helpful to get you started on the right foot for a successful fundraiser.

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