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Real Mistletoe Fresh from Oregon

Our Christmas mistletoe is picked fresh from the white oaks of Oregon. Not only does it provide you with a great holiday decoration, it can also be beneficial to remove the mistletoe from the tree. Often our mistletoe will come from areas working to preserve oaks and oak savannahs.

One such site has been designated as an Oak Savannah Conservation site in an effort to restore the native oak environment. Another location, Witness Tree Vineyards, is working to preserve their signature oak tree as a heritage tree. The tree is over 150 years old and stands high in the hills of the valley. In the mid 1800's it was used as a survey maker that could be seen for miles. We're grateful to have worked with these and other land owners to provide you with Christmas mistletoe and help strengthen the native oaks of Oregon.

We'll be harvesting mistletoe throughout the holiday season in order to get it to you as fresh as possible. Each sprig is hand selected and tied to ensure the highest quality. They are all placed in bags to preserve them for a short time during shipping. Since it's real mistletoe, if left in the bag for more than a week or so (including ship time), it can begin to soften and/or mold (berries may decay a little faster). We recommend removing and hanging your real mistletoe as soon as possible.

Often bunches of real mistletoe have berries; some do not. Because the berries are thought to be poisonous to small pets and children, we recommend hanging your mistletoe with caution. If you receive mistletoe with berries and are worried, they are pretty easy to remove before your mistletoe is hung. If you'd like, you may request berries or no berries in the notes at checkout also and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Our standard Christmas mistletoe offering is about 4 inches in length and pretty thick. It is tied with floral tape and a scarlet bow on a twist-tie. It also features a raffia loop to hang the mistletoe when you receive it. We package the mistletoe in a cellophane bag to keep it fresh and send it in a sturdy shipping box with tissue paper to keep it safe.

A few years back, we added some fun to our product line with Hershey's Kisses, which we're continuing on this year. And be sure to check out our unique mistletoe and holly combination that is certain to be one of your best decorations for the holidays. We've also got an assortment of gift boxes for fun mistletoe gifts. Don't forget to add a card.

About Mistletoe in General

Real mistletoe is a wonderful part of the holiday season. According to tradition, anyone who stands under the mistletoe is fair game for a kiss. Buy mistletoe today and get your kisses sooner! :)

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